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Case Study- City of New Westminster



We love being located in New Westminster and over the past year have had the wonderful opportunity to work with departments around the City to harness the power of Video Production for several different projects. These include a series of Tourism Videos, an Economic Development Video, BIA Event Coverage, as well as creative development and design for the energy efficiency program Energy Save New West.

Series of Tourism Videos

New West Economic Development Video

The goal of this video was to enhance New Westminster’s business climate and show off some of the exciting things going on here. The City wanted to promote economic development by attracting new investment and showing their support for existing businesses. It was an absolute pleasure to interview local business leaders for this project.

Energy Save New West

Energy Save New West is a program that was launched this past summer to help New West residents make their homes and businesses more energy efficient through energy audits and incentives. We were involved in all aspects of the branding including Logo Design, Webside Development, Brochure Design, Print Ads, Bus Ads, an Electronic Billboard Ad, Photography, as well as Video Production. Having one company working on all aspects of the campaign was an effective way to keep consistent branding and ensure efficient use of resources.

Check out the website to learn more about the program.

New Westminster BIA

We have done photography and video for New West BIA Events including The Show & Shine, the Food Truck Festival, and the Christmas Parade.

NextUP New West

Through the organization Next New West, we had the opportunity to film interviews with several inspiring locals and small business owners that are a part of the positive change in the City. They talk about why they love New West and reveal some of the hidden gems in the city that they couldn’t live without. We did this both in 2012 and in 2013. These emerging professionals are turning heads and making waves in their chosen fields, from boardrooms and baseball diamonds to the stage and science labs.



These videos were released along with a special edition of the newspaper focused on who these people are, what they’ve done, where they draw their inspiration and how they’ve accomplished so much so quickly.


Synergy Dance Competition 2010 Highlights

Highlight promotional video for a dance competition in 2010 – Synergy Dance Competition.


New Westminster Olympic Torchbearer, Don Benson

Don Benson, aged 76, is one of two torchbearers for the City of New Westminster, BC, Tues. Feb.9, 2010. He lights cauldron at formal Community Celebration.

Don is a poet/jock and a multi-gold medal winner at the Masters Level (age 76- 79yrs) in Throws Pentathlon.

Achievements – Poetry – Canadian record as the longest serving (seven term) Poet Laureate (1999-2007). In 2007 he was appointed New Westminster’s Poet Laureate Emeritus, a lifetime honour. Author of several historical books about BC and New Westminster.

Sports Achievements (in the last two years only):

Canadian National Competition – 2009 – won a total of six national medals at the Canadian Masters Championship (age 76-79 yr old category) in Kamloops BC.
Four Gold: Throws Pentathlon, Weight Throw, Hammer Throw, and Discus Throw.
One Silver: Javelin Throw,
One Bronze: Shot Put.

International Competition – USA
2008 Silver Medal, Outdoor Pentathlon, USA Master Championships, Spokane, Washington.


Video Yearbook Promo

This is a demo video showcasing TMM’s motion graphic capabilities. Motion graphics can be a very appealing and effective addition to any video. These motion graphics were created primarily in Adobe After Effects.


‘Macro Experience’ Demo Reel

Cinematography reel shot by Paul Romein, primarily on the Canon XH-A1 with a Brevis35 MP.2 lens adapter. Music by Dano Stern Project.


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