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Two Silver Trophies!

Techno Monkey won two silver trophies today at the BCPVA’s Kudos awards! There were three categories: Videos that Document an Event, Videos that Deliver a Message, and Videos that Tell a Story.

See full list of winners on their website:


Interactive Videos Are Here

A new interactive music video by Bob Dylan is pushing the limits and possibilities of what you can do with video editing. Viewers have the ability to flip through 16 different television channels that are all different shows and videos of famous people singing his song including Drew Carey from The Price Is Right, the guys from Pawn Stars, hosts of different news stations, and more. It is a really unique experience and we are excited to see where this technology evolves too. Perhaps “Choose your own adventure” tv shows and movies will become a reality? Bob Dylan appears to be the first musician to use this concept in a music video I am sure others will give it a try soon.

Check it out for yourself:


The Evolution of YouTube Thumbnails

YouTube has been making several big changes recently to it’s design and page layouts, and there will be much more change to come. YouTube Celebrity, Lamarr Wilson, recently had a meeting at Google with the YouTube team, and he said “Basically, what YouTube is trying to do is merge [Google Plus and YouTube] into one cohesive thing”, and that they’re “only at ten percent”.

One of the first set of changes we’ve seen in the design is the way that YouTube Channels look on mobile devices. The video thumbnails are much larger and cropped at a 16:6.7 ratio instead of the standard HD video ratio, which is 16:9. The way that they are cropped allows for many more listed videos to be seen when viewing it on a small screen like a cellphone. Do you remember way back when YouTube’s thumbnails were 4:3?


Kudos Video Awards Competition

The BCPVA Kudos Video Awards Competition was hosted last weekend, and we took home third place under the ‘Videos that document an event’ category, for our video on The Port Gala.

Thank you to the BCPVA for hosting this competition!


The Digital Bolex: The 1st Affordable Digital Cinema Camera

The video community is all a buzz about a new camera: The Digital Bolex. The camera shoots uncompressed RAW video with a 16mm sensor, and when the camera is released to the general public this fall it will have a suggested retail price of $3200 USD. If this project succeeds, it will be revolutionary, offering high quality uncompressed video for a reasonable price.

The very fact that Swiss camera manufacturing legend Bolex is supporting this project is something to be excited about. Bolex has been around since the 1920s, and its 1941 model the H16 (pictured above) is still used by filmmakers today. There’s a reason why the Bolex H16 is still being used today: the camera is easy to use, produces great images on film, and is built like a tank. The retro styling of the Digital Bolex isn’t just nice to look at – it’s a marker of quality. This camera is a throwback to the times when beautiful uncompressed images were readily available to all (on film).

The project is being funded on Kickstarter. It made its first milestone of $100,000 within 24 hours of being online and as of writing is currently at $286,556. The campaign doesn’t end until April 11, and any additional funds raised will go towards the further development of mounts, accessories, software, and peripherals.

This is a great design and a wonderful idea, and here at TMM we look forward to seeing where it goes.

(Further reading: Detailed specs on the camera, Audio interview with camera designersCamera designer Joe Rubinstein responding to criticism)


Vimeo Music Store

Looks like there’s a new player in town for buying music to put in your films. This one looks a little more expensive at $98.00 per track for commercial use. I think we’ll stick with Shockwave Sound for now.

From their newsletter:
Introducing Music Store

As many of you know, finding music for your videos can be somewhat… well, painful. Licensing music on your own can be confusing and finding good free music can take forever. So we decided to create Vimeo Music Store, your one-stop-shop for finding, discovering and licensing high quality music for your videos. With over 45,000 tracks to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect track for that new video you’re creating.